Georgie’s Birth

Wow, what can I say about the amazing Jess from A Mother Empowered and her incredible birth?

When fellow KGHypnobirthing Teacher Jess asked me to photograph her birth I was truly honoured.  I knew Jess through various facebook groups and I knew that her birth was going to be amazing, and I was right!

No time to lose!

I had a feeling Jess would labour quickly using her hypnobirthing techniques, so when I got the phone call while I was on the school run I knew I’d better get a move on if I was to get from Norwich to Wymondham in time! Jess seemed extremely calm, no sense of urgency from her at all! But I was in a hurry as I set off down the A11!

I arrived shortly after the first midwife, but before the second midwife, and when I quietly knocked on the door I was welcomed into the most amazing birthing environment.

Jess had her pool set up in their wonderfully cosy front room, and there she was labouring like a birthing goddess. Around the pool Jess had surrounded herself with positivity and relaxation. Carefully chosen birthing affirmations were scattered on the wall behind her, fairy lights cast a lovely twinkle, her bump casts hung proudly on the wall. Next to the pool was a birthing board of all the things that she loved, with photos of family and more affirmations. The drawn curtains made a lovely diffused light and her KGHypnobirthing Positive Birth Statements were playing in the backround.

But, after initial welcomes it was quickly apparent that I arrived in the nick of time!I had planned to set up a couple of cameras to do some filming but there was no time for that – Jess was starting to bare down and she knew this baby was on it’s way!

The midwife was amazing, really amazing. She is a jewel in the NHS crown. A community midwife of many years, she was completely respectful of Jess’ birthing space, her peace and her wishes. She had a real hands off approach as was quite happy to quietly observe from afar. She spoke in hushed voices and offered gentle encouragement. And from my point of view she was a brilliant photographers assistant, getting me round beside the pool for front row seats just before Baby was born!
(The second midwife was also brilliant, she kept quietly to the side as a helping hand but not interfering!)

Jess was simply stunning, she remained the picture of calm and grace the whole time. Danny was also great – offering supportive back rubs and encouragement, and making sure Jess was comfy and hydrated. Jess couldn’t believe how incredible the experience was, and birthed her baby’s head beautifully. Jess and Danny even managed to have a chuckle between surges, and although not in this gallery, there’s a cracking photo of the two of them grinning ear to ear at the camera just 30 seconds before Georgie was born!

As Georgie was lifted from the water she got herself a little tangled up in what was the longest umbilical cord I have ever seen! Some slippery unhooking seconds passed before Jess got to glance down and realise she had a little girl! A sister for their little boy Freddie. The emotional tears that followed were contagious as the oxytocin in the room hit stratospheric levels!

After some lovely Mummy Baby cuddles Jess got out of the pool to birth her placenta and feed Georgie.

A really lovely family

Before long it was time for Danny’s parents to bring little Freddie back to meet his new baby sister. They were just adorable together. I returned a couple of days later for some Fresh 48 photos and it was clear that Freddie loved her so much already!

What a beautiful birth and a lovely family. Such a privilege to have been invited along to share this special day.

Jess wrote all about her birth from her point of view over on her website, please do go and have a little read!

21 August 2017